Markus & Markus care deeply about every single dildoll that leaves their house, which is why each of them comes with an individual number (see cover of leaflet that comes with dildoll). The number is intended to help us keep tabs on every dildoll's whereabouts and also keep in touch. But this will only work if you register here as the owner of your personal dildoll. You have three choices:

    > Standard Pledge
    > Upgraded Pledge
    > Super Pledge

Super Pledge
  I want to see my dildoll in the dildoll family tree. This is a list of all registered dildolls throughout the world published on this website. Everybody can have a look at this list. But as a registered playmate
I will have the opportunity to contact other friends of dildoll and to receive messages from them (it is so important to tell other people about your obsessions! Learn that!) And best of all: *My e-mail address will be treated in the strictest confidence.
Only Markus & Markus will know my e-mail-address and will forward messages between me and my playmates.
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