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 dame louisa  björn in harness  travelling together  london uk
 gordon  roy  kissing  brighton uk
 hotshot  björn  playing with it in bed  zurich switzerland
 toyboy  jacky  whatever you ask for  zurich switzerland
 barbie  damian, lim. ed.  endless shopping  berne switzerland
 sin de rella  roy, lim. ed.  going to the opera together  london uk
 gustave  björn in harness  this is too intimate  zurich switzerland
 maximus  sean in harness  going partying with him...  barcelona spain
 sydney  giorgio, lim. ed.  sleeping + snuggle with him :)  basel switzerland
 bibi c  giorgio, lim. ed.  delighten my guests  thalwil switzerland
 blue angel  giorgio in harness  intriguing men  london uk
 erec  giorgio, lim. ed.  undress  munich germany
 porn-flake  jacky in harness  cruising  milan italy
 barbara  sean in harness  i only tell my analyst  brighton uk
 gorgeous  jacky  going out with alexander mcqueen  stockholm sweden
 paradise  roy  streetparade  berlin germany
 marlon  björn  riding it  everywhere world
 loredana  jacky in harness  eating biscuits  gottmadingen germany
 loveporter  giorgio, lim. ed.  falling asleep hugging him  london uk
 chuehnagel  damian, lim. ed.  like to touch and strok him  zürich switzerland
 nica  björn in harness  studying  yamagata japan
 pouppy  roy  gently stroking his soft balls  rennes france
 nutty tart  jacky  stroking it.  derby uk
 toddy  sean in harness  holding him close and warm.  hilversum netherlands
 moonee  roy  cuddling with it & my husband  charleroi belgium
 rubbiker  sean in harness  going rubbiking together  basel switzerland
 madame  roy  shopping on les champs elysees  paris france
 hedwig  giorgio, lim. ed.  cuddling him  mulhouse france
 spanky  giorgio, lim. ed.  anal  attleboro massachusetts
 jack 2000  giorgio, lim. ed.  tickel it's balls  s hertogenbosch netherlands
 scharly  giorgio, lim. ed.  ;-))  winterthur switzerland
 lena  roy  stroking it feels so right.  san francisco usa
 davidu  roy  play  munich germany
 penster (penis master)  roy, lim. ed.  looking at hem when i play  rotterdam netherlands
 roman  giorgio, lim. ed.  sleeping with him!  zurich switzerland
 binky  sean in harness  playing with it!  london england
 daphne  jacky  cuddle him  lincoln uk
 yèppé  björn in harness  all the way down  cornville finlan
 minnie timperley  roy, lim. ed.  we watch daytime tv  colchester england
 moonee & s3  sean in harness  cuddle, sleep, kiss  charleroi belgium
 cebolinho albuquerque trinkler  sean in harness  sleep  bern switzerland
 kingstonite  roy  cuddling it  kingston uk
 snake  giorgio in harness  so many things  paris france
 netti  roy  tickling his balls  wetherby england
 cheeky chick  roy  i love to rub my dildoll.  selby england
 gaydoublepack  björn in harness  just loving it  overijssel netherlands
 nomadsoul  jacky  my new best friend ;-)  zürich switzerland
 bee'n'bug  roy  hug  zurich switzerland
 kopfchaos  roy  *hug*  st.gallen ch
 blue sue  roy, lim. ed.  hug  stuttgart germany
 peaches  roy  stroke & play  berlin deutschland
 mr nic  björn in harness  faire des photos avec les amis  nantes france
 dickdok  sean in harness  everything  den haag nederland